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Desktop Tower Defense Game

You know a “Pick & Find” doesn’t have to be just a product or a deal.  It can be something really neat.

One free online game that has become a time bandit of mine is Desktop Tower Defense.  I prefer the version at HandDrawnGames.Com

The game is straight forward, prevent “creepers” from exiting the screen.  You do this with a variety of towers that you build that block their pathways and destroy them.

This is one of the most addicting (and frustrating) games I have ever played!!!  I have lost numerous hours trying to fight back hordes of “creepers”.  The great thing about this game is that you can just play and not worry about saving the game or continuing, etc.  I will warn you it can suck you in.  One of the neat facets of the game is trying to balance your mix of various towers to get the optimal destructive force.  Recently, I thought I had a great setup, only to find my weak point was fighting “flying creeps”.

Give this game a shot.  Lots of fun, highly addictive.

Most everyone loves Hot Wheels! And Most everyone would love to win a new car.
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We don’t personally own this the Baggalini Triple Zip Bagg (yet!), but AAA has recommended it!
The Baggalini Triple Zip Bagg has plenty of room and storage space even though it is compact in size.
It can be carried via an adjustable strap or even attached to a belt.
The Baggalini Triple Zip Bagg sounds like a perfect tool for an on-the-go traveler who wants to have their necessities with them but travel light.
Give it a try, we just might as well!

Crayola Green Dinosaur Bedding

One of the absolute hottest of all products that people are searching for when they come to Picks and Finds is Dinosaur Bedding! Children’s bedding in general is hot but Dinosaur Bedding is super hot. A lot of places have quit carrying them, but you can always count on Amazon to come through! Check out this deal!

Kohl’s has the best clearance sales ever. Well maybe next to Dillard’s.
You can stock up on hundreds of dollars worth of clothes for a small amount of cash.
Take a look. CLICK HERE!!!

For reasons unknown to me for the last 3 years running the top selling item through Picksandfinds.com has been Amazon’s version of the Scrabble Premier Wood Edition.
It usually runs around $100 but I have seen it for about 25% less than that. But even at $100, that is a good deal for a quality game that will last for years.

Don’t know how long this will last, but you can get the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 1: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for $4.99 at Amazon. Hottest movie of the year!!!

SEE the previous post on how to get it even CHEAPER!!!!!!

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