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We don’t personally own this the Baggalini Triple Zip Bagg (yet!), but AAA has recommended it!
The Baggalini Triple Zip Bagg has plenty of room and storage space even though it is compact in size.
It can be carried via an adjustable strap or even attached to a belt.
The Baggalini Triple Zip Bagg sounds like a perfect tool for an on-the-go traveler who wants to have their necessities with them but travel light.
Give it a try, we just might as well!

One of the absolute hottest of all products that people are searching for when they come to Picks and Finds is Dinosaur Bedding! Children’s bedding in general is hot but Dinosaur Bedding is super hot. A lot of places have quit carrying them, but you can always count on Amazon to come through! Check out this deal!

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Educational gift idea! Here’s an award-winning DNA science kit that features 20 different experiments. Lab supplies included. Provides hands-on learning. Ages 10 and up. $34.95. Order from MindWare.

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Here’s what to get your brainy little chemist! This Chem C1000 Chemistry kit contains 75 experiments, safety glasses, and all chemicals and equipment needed. Ages 10 and up. $89.95. Order from MindWare.

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Great gift idea for fans of the Discovery Channel MythBusters show. Choose from 3 Experiment kits, each only $19.95: Forces of Flight, Weird World of Water, or Power of Air Pressure. Great fun and educational too. Order from MindWare.

Myth Busters

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Cute learning game! This cute kids’ Secret Agent kit is designed like a vault with reprogrammable coded lock. Kit has 50 challenges and mysteries. Ages 8 and up. $19.95. Order from MindWare.

'MindWare - Secret Agent'

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