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Educational gift idea! Here’s an award-winning DNA science kit that features 20 different experiments. Lab supplies included. Provides hands-on learning. Ages 10 and up. $34.95. Order from MindWare.

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Here’s what to get your brainy little chemist! This Chem C1000 Chemistry kit contains 75 experiments, safety glasses, and all chemicals and equipment needed. Ages 10 and up. $89.95. Order from MindWare.

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Great gift idea for fans of the Discovery Channel MythBusters show. Choose from 3 Experiment kits, each only $19.95: Forces of Flight, Weird World of Water, or Power of Air Pressure. Great fun and educational too. Order from MindWare.

Myth Busters

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Cute learning game! This cute kids’ Secret Agent kit is designed like a vault with reprogrammable coded lock. Kit has 50 challenges and mysteries. Ages 8 and up. $19.95. Order from MindWare.

'MindWare - Secret Agent'

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This is a great educational project kit with over 59 fun experiments, including setting up a security alarm and voice changing activities. Features a real integrated circuit and 60-page project guide. Ages 10 and up. $49.95. Order from MindWare.

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