You know a “Pick & Find” doesn’t have to be just a product or a deal.  It can be something really neat.

One free online game that has become a time bandit of mine is Desktop Tower Defense.  I prefer the version at HandDrawnGames.Com

The game is straight forward, prevent “creepers” from exiting the screen.  You do this with a variety of towers that you build that block their pathways and destroy them.

This is one of the most addicting (and frustrating) games I have ever played!!!  I have lost numerous hours trying to fight back hordes of “creepers”.  The great thing about this game is that you can just play and not worry about saving the game or continuing, etc.  I will warn you it can suck you in.  One of the neat facets of the game is trying to balance your mix of various towers to get the optimal destructive force.  Recently, I thought I had a great setup, only to find my weak point was fighting “flying creeps”.

Give this game a shot.  Lots of fun, highly addictive.

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